Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. Yes, a minimum order of $120 is required to place a pre-order. If your shopping list equates to less than $120 please visit our shop on Christmas Eve as we cannot proceed with the pre-ordered seafood process for less than the minimum order amount ($120). To process & confirm your order a [non-refundable] deposit of $50 is required this will need to be paid at the time of ordering. The balance of your order is payable upon collection. To help you work out your total order cost, our ‘Pre-order Seafood Online System’ lists a price range – when your seafood order is picked & packed the actual daily market prices are applied accordingly.

Q. What happens if I enter my profile & place an order but don’t checkout and pay the $50 deposit?

A. The system is set up to automatically delete any unconfirmed orders, so if this happens you log back in to your profile and click the ‘Get Started’ link and re-enter your order (making sure that you complete the process by following through and making the credit card deposit payment). Your order is not placed until you finalise this process by the payment of the online deposit. Please note: the $50 deposit applies to every order, so if you place an additional order you will need to complete this process each time.

Q. Do I need an esky?….. How will my order be packed?

A. No! Your order will be packed in a ENVIRO ESKY, a $5.50 packaging charge (includes enviro esky & gel pack) will be automatically added to your order – packaging charge is compulsory.

Q. What happens if I don’t get my Welcome email?

A. When you register you will automatically be sent a welcome email containing your email log in address and password. If you do not receive this please contact us on the support email address but before doing so, firstly check your ‘JUNK MAIL BOX’ as some mail servers may mistakenly move this email into your junk mail folder. Please mark as “SAFE” to ensure you receive any future emails from us.

Q. What happens if I forget my password?

A. Log back into our Seafood Ordering site and click the link ‘forgot my password’, an email will be automatically sent to you please follow the instructions on the email. Please check that this email has not mistakenly gone to your ‘JUNK MAIL FOLDER’.

Q. If I don’t wish to pay with my credit card online can I phone it through?

A. No! If you don’t wish to pay with your credit card though our secure online facility then you will need to visit our shop and place an in-store order where you can then pay by credit card or eftpos in person. Please note: that orders placed in-store will not be visible in the online ordering system.

Q. Can I order seafood to be picked up on a different day?

A. In-store yes! But not online! Online orders are for Christmas Eve pick-up only!
You can order seafood in-store or by phone for pick up on a different day (no orders taken for 21, 22 or 23 December in-store). Unfortunately you are not able to order online for any other pickup time / day other than Christmas Eve.
All online pre-orders must be collected on Christmas Eve (24th December) 7AM – 4PM

Q. I have confirmed my order and paid the deposit online with my credit card and I have not received  a confirmation e-mail yet?

A. As soon as your payment has been successfully processed the system automatically generates your confirmation e-mail (containing your order number). If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail then please contact us on 07 3203 4799 or email us (You should firstly check that this e-mail has not mistakenly gone to your ‘JUNK MAIL FOLDER’.)

Q. Can I change my order once it has been saved and I have paid my deposit?

A. Yes! You may make changes to your order up until the advertised cut-off date Friday 22 December 2023 noon (AEST). Note – you will not be emailed with a copy of any changes to your order. We have a limited number of pre-orders available, once this number is reached our order facility will close off to new orders (should this occur, you can continue to add or edit your existing order that is already in our system up until the cut-off date).

Q. Can I order seafood for family members through my account?

A. Yes! You can have a number of different orders saved under your user profile. This is so you can order for family members etc. Please remember the standard order conditions and requirements apply to each order for example; a deposit is required for each order and each order will be packed in a separate poly esky. You will receive confirmation emails each time you create a new cart and pay your deposit.

Please note: Orders are picked up from a separate building from our Seafood Market, so unfortunately, we will not have any other products on hand. Please visit our Seafood Market for additional products if required.